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Workout Equipment Brands We Offer

  • Inspire Fitness
  • Landice
  • Life Fitness
  • Octane Fitness
  • Precor
  • Prism
  • Spirit
  • TRUE Fitness
  • Vision
  • WaterRower
  • York Barbell
  • And More

Custom Gym Design & Installation

No matter how you define fitness, Fit-Tech Pros will design a gym that fits with your lifestyle. We build gyms from the ground up for homes, offices, hotels, community centers, and more. We’re fitness experts ready to impress!

Preventive Maintenance

As workout equipment ages, breakdowns cannot be avoided. However, the severity of breakdowns and overall downtime can be reduced through preventive maintenance. Our team will perform a detailed inspection of your machines so that we can catch and correct small problems before they become costly, major issues down the road.

Refurbishment & Upholstery Services

A good workout is just as hard on the equipment as it is on your body, so age can quickly begin to show. But sometimes all that workout equipment needs is a facelift to function like new again. Fit-Tech Pros gives a new look to old equipment by correcting cosmetic damages and saving owners from having to completely replace it. We’re always happy to discuss your refurbishment needs in detail.

Maintenance & Service Agreements

Keep your gym equipment in peak condition for longer when you sign up for a maintenance or service agreement with Fit-Tech Pros. As part of the maintenance agreement, our trained technicians will perform regular preventive maintenance, including cleaning — inspections, lubrications, and adjustments — as well as share their advice on how to care for your equipment.

We act as partners in caring for your commercial or residential gym. A breakdown of what’s included in our maintenance and service agreements is below.

Maintenance Agreements

  • Access To Hundreds Of Thousands Of Vendor Parts
  • High-Quality Preventive Maintenance
  • A Dedicated Trained Technician
  • Unparalleled Response Time To Reduce Equipment Downtime

Service Agreements

  • A 10% Discount On Hundreds Of Thousand Of Vendor Parts
  • High-Quality Preventive Maintenance
  • A Dedicated Trained Technician
  • Unparalleled Response Time to Reduce Equipment Downtime
  • No Charge On Labor For Repairs During Maintenance Visits
  • A Predetermined Number Of Service Calls Per Period

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